Thursday, August 23, 2018

Social media pages/profiles

I haven't really updated this blog in quite a while. I am much more active on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter: justinbailey243
Facebook page: JustinBaileysKig

I am planning to update the product information pages on this blog soon

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pictures from Otafest Aurora; Lina progress update

A week and a half ago I went to Otafest Aurora. I had recently met up with someone local who makes zentai (I'm thinking of getting a new suit from him), and we went to the con together. He was spotting for me the whole time I was kigging. I kigged alone for most of the time, but towards the end I met up with Misk and Reah (Misk wasn't feeling well so they weren't out for very long). This was Reah's first time kigging. She borrowed Maiko from Niku, and Niku was also spotting when I was with them.

Pictures from when I was kigging by myself (source):

Pictures from when I was with Misk and Reah (source):

I'm nearly ready to start printing Lina. Some stuff related to segmentation still needs to be adjusted but other than that I think she's pretty much ready to print.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Starting on a Lina Inverse full custom

I'm starting on a full custom commission of Lina Inverse from Slayers. I'm going to be using Hibiki as a starting point. So far I've just drawn the outline for checking the shape, and haven't started on the model yet (the picture with the outline shows it superimposed on Hibiki). I also got my segmentation scripts working quite well now. I started working on them when I was segmenting Erika, but I made several improvements after that. Segmentation of newer masks should be quite a bit faster than before.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Photos from Animethon and the recent Edmonton Cosplayers shoot at the Legislature

Here are a few pictures from Animethon 22 (which was in August of this year). Hika, Niku, and Misk were also there, although nobody kigged all that much.


On October 25 I went to a photoshoot hosted by the Edmonton Cosplayers Facebook group at the Alberta Legislature grounds. This was the first event for the new version of Erika.


I also went to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo at the end of September but only went for one day and didn't kig much.

Friday, October 16, 2015

New version of Erika (mostly) complete; Sayaka assembled and ready to ship

I have (mostly) completed the new version of Erika (I do need to make new eyes for her but other than that she is done). I didn't really make any major changes to the face this time around (I did tweak the jawline and the transition between face and temples, but not much else). The new version is a 3/4 shell with a back edge that extends beyond the jawline, a bit like on Sigma and GKO masks (although many of those are 2/3 or 1/2 shells, but they have similar back edge extensions at the temples). Because of this, she fits a lot better than any of my previous masks did. The biggest difference is that she is a conventional cast FRP shell, made from a negative mold printed directly on an SLA (UV resin) 3D printer.

As for the old version, I am still going to keep her. I'm going to make her into a different OC so I have a spare mask in case somebody wants to try kig.

The new process seems to work well. The only problems I had were minor and will be easy to fix on the next mask I make. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best process used to make kig masks so far. The only major issue is the higher cost of UV resin compared to filament. Since I am reusing segments that reduces the cost per mask a bit so it isn't all that much more than the old process for most masks. If it weren't for the fact that it's more expensive to buy UV resin in Canada (there is only one Canadian seller and they price in USD at a significantly higher price than some American sellers, meaning it is cheaper to order from the US), the price for me would probably be more or less the same for the average custom mask. For generics and semi-customs the price is pretty much the same or slightly less since little or no new printing is required. Using polyester FRP resin instead of epoxy could also make it cheaper, but it produces nasty fumes, is less durable, and shrinks more, so I am sticking with epoxy FRP resin.

The NURBS master model in Ayam (rather than a solid, this is a single surface that can serve as either an outside or an inside; to preview the mask, I treat it as an outside, and to make a mold, I treat it as an inside; in both cases, I use Blender's solidify modifier to make it into a solid object)

A preview of the final cast shell generated in Blender

The completed mold in Blender, ready for printing. The eye sockets and parting lines are generated by using the solidify modifier to generate copies of different thicknesses and using booleans to cut out various parts of them, as well as for joining them to the base shell of the mold.

The SLA printer with some segments printing. It uses a projector to cure light-sensitive resin at the bottom of a vat, and the print is attached to a build plate that is pulled out of the vat a layer at a time. Unlike the FDM (extrusion) printers I used for making masks before, it prints an entire layer at once.

The finished printed mold. The parting lines get filled in with clay (I ended up making extra work for myself because I left some excess clay on the inside, which meant I had to do a lot more sanding and filling on the cast shell than would have otherwise been necessary; next time I am going to make sure that that doesn't happen), and the inside gets coated with wax and PVA mold release. Demolding is relatively easy because the segments are small. I originally thought I would have to fiberglass the outside of the segments, but it doesn't seem to be necessary most of the time (the one ended up breaking before I assembled the mold because I was experimenting with different thicknesses and made the wall too thin, so I fiberglassed it to make sure it wouldn't break again).

The cast shell. I forgot to take any pictures between when I cast her and when I cut away the excess material.

Primed and painted

Complete (except for the eyes; I reused the old ones, and really should make new ones that are attached with vinyl rather than hot glue, and have the pupils cut out differently)

Tried her on right after I finished her. Overall I'd say she turned out pretty decently (I could maybe have moved the eyes a tad further apart, and moved the forehead out a bit more, but most people probably won't notice)

I also finished assembling Sayaka. Cici is going to be finishing her, so I will ship her out as soon as possible. Sayaka is the last extrusion printed mask commission for me, seeing as the new process works well. I am still going to reprint parts of Homura since I am not completely satisfied with how she turned out, so I'm not quite done with extrusion printing of mask segments just yet.